13th Istanbul Biennial Conceptual Framework
13th Istanbul Biennial 14/9-20/10 2013
Curator: Fulya Erdemci
“Mom,  Am I Barbarian?”
The notion of the public domain as a political forum will be the focal point of the 13th Istanbul Biennial. This highly contested concept will serve as a matrix to generate ideas and develop practices that question contemporary forms of democracy,  challenge current models of spatio-economic politics, problematize the given concepts of civilization and barbarity as standardized positions and languages and, above all, unfold the role of contemporary art as an agent that both makes and unmakes what is considered public.
The idea of the public domain has diverse historic,philosophical, theoretical and geo-political roots and definitions. No matter how many interpretations exist, they are fueled by questions of democracy,related to equality, civic rights and political debate. From the existence of an artwork to the freedom of social media and the designation of urban spaces as public, the notion of public domain can cover a vast area where social engagement and political public debate are possible. It is this potentiality of public domain discourse that the exhibition aims to articulate.
Admission to the the 13th Istanbul Biennial will be free of charge.
The biennial venues
Antrepo no.3
Galata Greek Primary School
SALT Beyoğlu
Venues are open all weekdays except Mondays through 14 September – 20 October. 5533 is also closed on Sundays.
Antrepo no.3, Galata Greek Primary School, ARTER and 5533 can be visited between 10:00 – 19:00. SALT Beyoğlu can be visited between 12:00 – 20:00.
SALT Beyoğlu can be visited until 20:00 on the last Thursday of each month.