What makes a great women’s suit?
The Good Wife” costume designer Daniel Lawson gives 3 tips for women!
Number 1: It has to fit. I know you’ve been told that a million times. But you can go buy a $150 suit from Ann Taylor and have it tailored and altered to you and it’s going to look like an $800 suit. And you can buy a $2000 suit that doesn’t fit you, that hangs off of you like a bag and it’s going to look like it’s not even yours. It’s so important for women and men when budgeting themselves for new clothes — whether for work or recreational — to include money for tailoring.
Number 2: Go with things that are more classic that will take you from season to season. If that means spending more money on good brand name pieces that will last, then you should do so. And let the trendy pieces that fall in from season to season be what you spice up your look with each year.
Number 3: Women need to know if they look better in skirts or trousers. Find the silhouette that works for you and stick with that as best you can.
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