23  October  2013 –   17  November  Piramid Art

Exhibition Opening: 23 October Wednesday 6pm


Twins series of Mehmet Yılmaz as an outcome of two years work is based on the visual connotation of the previous series named Indecent for Unfavorable. In which the system of discourse on debate in the series ofIndecent for Unfavorable, the artist used a new technique with digital print and painting in a small part on canvas in order to make the digital and painted images look like a cut-out.

However, in Twins series, these two different techniques are separately diffused over the whole surface of the canvas which is divided two sides and hold by some hinges to each other.  Thus, these two sided paintings contribute to the idea of “twins” while they are being seen as replicas at first glance, yet getting deep into the gaze let the audience enjoy the difference of techniques and artistic forms.

The concept of “twins” which is also the title of this exhibition points out the twin relations of paintings and figures means that the paintings with the figures on the left are twins of the paintings with its figures on the right. In practice, the idea of “twins” refers to the digital painting on the left and the painted one on the right. The artist’s claim of “Photography is Painting” emphasizes that any kind of photographical print is a kind of printed painting and this also draws attention on what painting really is with regard to its conceptual and form related features.